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Celtic Ode Irish Wolfhounds

Celtic Ode Irish Wolfhounds are raised in our home on our farm in Florida.  We have had Irish Wolfhounds for over 35 years and have been breeding for 20 years.  While Irish Wolfhounds are very large dogs, they are gentle and sensitive hounds.  Our Wolfhounds have been raised with children and house cats.  Our puppies are supplemented with goat milk from our dairy herd in addition to Mom.  Over the years we have gotten used to keeping our baked goods in an old-fashioned pie-safe along with keeping the butter dish on a shelf that is high & out of reach to curious noses.  So if you are ready for a big, tall, family-loving hound then please consider the Irish Wolfhound.    

A little dog can start a hare, but it takes a big one to catch it.

Irish Proverb

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