Our Wolfhounds


Current Stud

-Tudor’s Ben Nevis
DOB 08/31/17


Current Females

-Celtic Ode Sloane Ranger
DOB 11/10/19

Celtic Ode Roisin Saidbhin
DOB 09/26/19

-Celtic Ode Will-O’-The-Wisp
DOB 03/14/17

-Celtic Ode Boadicea’s Killian’s Red
DOB 09/08/16

Retired Females

-Celtic Ode Mimzy’s Molly Malone
DOB 02/22/15

Passed On

-Celtic Ode’s Mimzy My Fairy Fey
DOB 02/22/15

-Celtic Ode’s Mimzy Whimzy
DOB 02/22/15

-Celtic Ode’s Hadrian’s Quest
DOB 06/07/13

-Celtic Ode’s Lady of the Lake Nimue
DOB 08/29/11

-Celtic Ode Nessies Ina Gadda Da Diva
DOB 11/14/10

-Celtic Ode’s Pagan Nimzy
DOB 11/05/10

-Celtic Ode’s Pagan Pict
DOB 12/12/04

-Celtic Ode Lady Godiva of Delacey
DOB 08/31/04

-Celtic Ode’s Mystic Kelpie
DOB 09/19/03

-Celtic Ode’s Enchanted Akela
DOB 09/19/03

-Celtic Ode’s Angel Nessie
DOB 09/15/01

-Raintree’s Fionna Rose
DOB 12/10/98

-O’Liddy’s Gromit
DOB 08/15/97

-Chelsea of Shannon Ireland
DOB 03/06/93

-Celtic Wolfwind O’Windermere
DOB 07/15/84